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London Personal Injury Attorneys > Blog > Auto Accident > 5 Tips To Help Reduce The Risk Of A Car Accident During The Holidays

5 Tips To Help Reduce The Risk Of A Car Accident During The Holidays


The holidays are a time to celebrate with loved ones. For most people, the holidays mean traveling from their house to a family member’s or friend’s house or across the country. You must be cautious if you plan to hit the road during the holidays. During the holidays, the risk of getting into a car accident drastically increases. It is vital that you make safety a priority.

The following are some tips to help lower the chances of a car accident happening during the holidays:

Tip #1: Get Your Car Checked

If you plan to go on a road trip, it is crucial that you get your car checked. Have your mechanic look at your vehicle before you travel hundreds of miles in it. Before heading out with your vehicle, it is recommendable that you have your car’s fluids, brakes, tires, and battery checked. You should also check whether the heating and cooling systems are properly working. Finally, you want to ensure your mechanic checks that all the lights are working properly.

Tip #2: Plan Ahead

If you are heading out during the holidays, planning your trip can help lower the risk of an accident. Planning entails, among other things, thinking about how long the journey will take, knowing where you are going, and choosing a route before heading out.

Tip #3: Do Not Drink and Drive

The holidays can be an excuse for some drivers to drink and drive. You should not be one of these drivers. Driving under the influence of alcohol is very dangerous. Drunk driving causes a driver to lose the ability to control their vehicle. Drunk driving decreases reaction time, and contrary to what you might be thinking, it might not take that many drinks to slow your reaction time and make driving safely challenging.

If you know you will be drinking during the holidays, you should plan to have a designated driver, use public transportation, or use an Uber or Lyft.

Tip #4: Pay Attention While on the Road

The holidays are a busy time. From planning parties to gift shopping, a lot must be done during the holidays. It is common to see drivers on the road during the holidays on their phones, trying to coordinate things or get things done. Avoid the temptation of using your phone while driving during the holidays. Apart from avoiding using your phone while driving, you need to avoid anything else that takes your attention from driving. Distracted driving can be extremely dangerous.

Tip #5: Get Enough Rest

With many parties and events to attend during the holiday season, many drivers do not get enough rest during the holidays. It is important that you get enough rest. Driving a car while fatigued can be dangerous. According to research, drowsy driving can be just as risky as drunk driving.

Legal Help Is Available After an Auto Accident

If involved in a car accident in Kentucky because of another party’s negligence, contact our London auto accident attorneys at Cessna & George Law Firm. You might be eligible to recover compensation for your injuries, and our attorneys can help you recover the maximum compensation possible.



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