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$1.3 million Breach of ContractOur client’s financial power of attorney abused their power and stole money from our client.
$950,000 Motor Vehicle AccidentOur client was severely injured when a commercial vehicle pulled into her lane of travel.
$320,000 Medical MalpracticeOur client was a minor child whose treating Optometrist failed to diagnose congenital glaucoma. Our client suffered permanent partial vision loss in one eye.
$300,000 Employment DiscriminationOur client was an older man who was fired by his large corporation employer due to his age. His employer intended to replace him with a younger person at a lower salary.
$298,914 Dog biteOur client was attacked by multiple dogs while lawfully l visiting his neighbor’s property. He sustained permanent injuries and disfigurement to his arm.
$275,000 Motor Vehicle AccidentOur client was a school bus driver who was injured when a young driver crossed the median and hit the school bus head-on. We also represented multiple children who were occupants of the school bus when the accident occurred.
$275,000 Nursing Home NegligenceOur client was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and a resident of a popular nursing home. The nursing home allowed an untrained employee to take her to a doctor’s appointment. Our client suffered a serious fall and fractured her hip while in the care of the untrained employee.
$275,000 Motor Vehicle AccidentOur client suffered a concussion among other injuries when a speeding police officer rear-ended her vehicle.
$241,000 Motor Vehicle AccidentOur client suffered a concussion among other injuries when his vehicle was rear-ended by a commercial vehicle.
$225,000 Motor Vehicle AccidentOur client suffered head lacerations among other injuries when an intoxicated driver intentionally hit him and ran him off the road.
$200,000 Slip and FallOur client suffered a fractured hip when he slipped and fell on a wet and dirty floor in a restaurant bathroom.
We have achieved numerous personal injury settlements exceeding $100,000.00

Criminal cases:

Jury acquittal on a murder charge
Acquittal at jury trial on felony assault of a police officer
Double murder dismissed prior to trial
Murder acquittal at trial
Numerous DUI acquittals at trial
Numerous drug trafficking charges dismissed
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