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London Drug Crime Attorney

Any criminal charge should be taken seriously, but allegations of drug offenses should be treated with special care, as the state aggressively investigates and prosecutes these kinds of crimes. Being convicted of a drug crime in Kentucky can come with a mandatory prison sentence, making it particularly important for defendants who have been accused of this type of offense. Reach out to an experienced London drug crimes attorney, who has the experience and skill to help them face the charges head-on.

Drug Possession

Kentucky has a wide range of criminal drug laws, but one of the most commonly charged is possession of a controlled substance. There are actually two ways that a person can be accused of possession. The first is known as actual possession and refers to a situation where drugs are actually found on a person, or in his or her immediate control. The second type is known as constructive possession and occurs when drugs aren’t found on, or even near, someone, but are found somewhere that a person has access and control, like a car’s glove compartment. Drug possession can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the amount and type of the drug in question.

Possession of Drugs for Sale

In Kentucky, it is even possible to be charged with intent to sell drugs merely based on the amount of drugs found in a person’s possession. This is because, under Kentucky law, it is presumed that if a person has a large supply of drugs, he or she intends to sell that substance. Someone found in possession of more than eight ounces of marijuana at one time, for instance, could be charged with possession of drugs with the intent to sell. Possession with intent to sell is a much more serious offense than simple possession and is charged as a felony.

Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking is one of the most serious drug offenses with which a person can be charged in Kentucky and involves allegations that a person schemed to distribute, transport, or sell drugs through or across the state. Again, there doesn’t need to be proof of an actual sale for a person to be charged with this offense. Prosecutors can, for instance, file these charges if a large quantity of drugs are found in a person’s possession, in addition to packaged drugs, or even packaging materials or a substantial amount of cash.

Drug Offense Penalties

Many drug offenses in Kentucky are subject to mandatory minimum sentences, which means that a person could be required to spend at least some time behind bars if convicted. Other penalties include probation, fines, mandatory drug counseling or treatment, and community service. Furthermore, a drug conviction can follow a person even after he or she has satisfied a criminal sentence, as those with a criminal record may struggle with job loss and finding new employment, might lose government benefits, and could even face custody-related repercussions, such as the loss of visitation.

Talk to a London Drug Crime Attorney Today

If you have been accused of committing a drug crime, you’ll need an attorney who knows how to investigate your case, determine if your rights were violated, and build a strong defense. Contact Cessna & George Law Firm to find out more about how our drug crimes legal team can help you after your arrest.

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