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London Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Workers who get injured on the job are entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits to cover their medical bills and help replace their wages while they are out of work. In most cases, workers’ comp is the only source of benefits for injured workers; they can’t sue their employer even if the company or a co-worker caused the accident by their negligence.

Workers’ compensation is supposed to work like an insurance claim, but unfortunately, claiming benefits isn’t so simple as just filling out a form. Employers want to limit their claims to keep their insurance premiums down, and carriers want to limit their payouts to maximize their profits. That’s why so often injured workers find their claims get turned down or their benefits get cut off before they are ready to return to work.

If you are having trouble getting workers’ comp after an on-the-job injury, the Cessna & George Law Firm can help. Your employer and their insurance company might not have your best interests at heart, but our only loyalty is to you. Our job is to see that your claim is successful and that you get the full amount of benefits due to you.

If you’ve been injured on the job in Southeast Kentucky and need help with your workers’ comp claim, call the Cessna & George Law Firm at 606-770-5400 for a free consultation and immediate assistance getting the medical care and compensation you need to deal with your London workplace injury.

Kentucky Workers’ Compensation Law

Kentucky workers’ compensation provides the following benefits after an injury at work:

Medical bills

All reasonable and necessary medical expenses should be paid by workers’ comp. You don’t have to go through your health insurance first and then wait to get reimbursed; by reporting your injury as work-related, your doctor should bill workers’ comp directly without you incurring any out-of-pocket expenses.

Weekly wage replacement for temporary disability until you are ready to return to work

This amount is two-thirds of your regular weekly wages, up to a maximum set by the state. If you have paid leave accumulated, you can choose to use that leave instead. If your accident happened because your employer violated a safety law or regulation, you might be able to receive more.

Weekly benefits or a lump sum payment for a total or partial disability

If your disability is permanent, you can receive payments based on the level of disability.

Death benefits

If a worker dies within four years of a work injury as a direct result of the injury, workers’ comp should pay a lump sum for burial expenses plus income benefits to the surviving spouse and certain dependents.

How the Cessna & George Law Firm Helps With Worker’s Comp Claims in London

Worker’s compensation covers all types of injuries, whether they happen at an office desk or on the factory floor, in a traumatic accident or built up over time due to repetitive motion or strain. Some of the most common types of workplace injuries in Kentucky include:

  • Shoulder and Knee Injuries
  • Back Injuries
  • Head and Brain Injuries
  • Neck Injuries
  • Black Lung Disease
  • Toxic Exposure
  • Repetitive Stress Injuries
  • Hypertension/Heart Attack/Stroke
  • Psychological Injuries (physical/mental)

One of the first obstacles injured workers are likely to encounter is an allegation by the employer or insurance company that the injury is not work-related. Many of the injuries mentioned above could happen on or off the job, and insurance carriers seize on that fact to allege the injury happened outside of work. Unless the worker fell off a ladder or got injured in some dramatic fashion, it can be challenging to prove the injury is work-related; some injuries are harder or easier to prove than others.

Another major tactic of the insurer is to dispute the injury itself. They might say the employee is faking injury just to get benefits or is exaggerating how serious the injury is. They might also say the injury is due to some pre-existing condition or degenerative disease. It’s important to know that even if you have a pre-existing condition, that condition can be aggravated or worsened by an injury on the job, and workers’ compensation should pay for that additional harm.

The London workers’ compensation attorneys at the Cessna & George Law Firm can help by gathering the facts and medical evidence that prove the injury was work-related and is as serious as you claim it to be. We’ll negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance carrier or take your case before a judge at the Division of Workers’ Compensation. Our lawyers are not afraid to try cases and will appeal an unfavorable decision to the Workers’ Compensation Board or into the Kentucky court system if grounds exist to pursue your claim.

Call Today for Help With Your London Workers’ Compensation Claim

After an injury at work, it’s important to report the incident to your employer right away to secure your rights to file a claim and get the ball rolling to obtain benefits as soon as possible. You can call our office if you need help at this stage or later if you run into trouble. If the insurance company is taking an unreasonably long time to process your claim, if they deny your claim for benefits, or if they terminate your benefits before you are ready to go back to work, we can help.

If you’ve been hurt on the job in London or surrounding communities in Southeast Kentucky, our firm is here to help ensure you get the medical care and compensation you are entitled to under the law. Call the Cessna & George Law Firm at 606-770-5400 for a free consultation if your workers’ compensation claim has been unfairly denied.

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