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Is It Wise To Talk To The Police?


After an arrest, you may wonder whether it is a wise idea to talk to the police. So, is it wise to speak to the police after an arrest? Simply put, no. It is best that you avoid talking to the police after an arrest. The only time you should speak to the police is if you have a defense attorney by your side and your attorney has advised you on what to say and not to say. Law enforcement officers are trained to obtain admissions and inconsistencies. If you talk to the police without an attorney, you may end up making inconsistent statements or a confession that ends up being used to convict you.

Even if You Are Innocent, You Still Should Not Talk to the Police

Innocent people are arrested all the time. If you are innocent, it might be tempting to talk to the police and tell them your side of the story. However, even if you are innocent, it is best not to speak to the police in the absence of an attorney. Even if you are not guilty, you could tell a little white lie that ends up being used against you. For example, suppose you are accused of assaulting someone using a gun (Assault in the first degree), and the police question you about the incident. You deny being in the area where the assault occurred. You deny owning a gun and that you have been a gun owner. But it happens that the last statement is false, and the police can prove it. Although you didn’t commit the assault, this lie will be used to destroy your credibility. This lie could be what leads to your conviction. And even in a case where you don’t tell a lie, you could still end up sharing information that can be used to convict you. For example, suppose when speaking to the police about the assault case, you say you didn’t like the victim because they are not nice. Such a statement could be used to prove motive.

The Police May Tell You That You Will See a Certain Outcome if You Talk

After your arrest, the police may suggest that you will see a particular outcome if you speak to them. For instance, they may say you could be eligible for a reduced sentence. Indeed, you may qualify for a reduced sentence. But only the prosecutor can talk to you and your attorney about such a thing, and this can only happen after you are formally charged.

The Police May Make Misleading Statements

An officer might tell you this is your only chance to tell them what happened. Or they may tell you that asking for an attorney will make you miss out on an opportunity to receive a deal. Again, such statements are untrue. The police usually tell suspects such things to make the investigation process go faster.

Contact a London Criminal Defense Attorney

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