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London Personal Injury Attorneys > Blog > Auto Accident > Steps To Take After a Winter Crash in Kentucky

Steps To Take After a Winter Crash in Kentucky


Driving in the winter can be dangerous. Traffic accidents are quite common during the winter season. Various factors create hazardous conditions on the road during the winter season that can lead to accidents. Some causes of traffic collisions during winter include reduced visibility, snow, ice, winter storms, and black ice. Additionally, drivers who are not cautious and who do not adjust their driving habits accordingly present a huge threat during winter. Knowing what to do in the aftermath of a winter crash is crucial for your safety and the protection of your legal rights. This article discusses the most vital steps to take after a winter crash in Kentucky.

Remain Calm and Check for Injuries

Being involved in a winter auto accident can be scary. However, you must stay calm after a winter crash. Remain calm and check yourself and the other vehicle occupants for injuries. However, do not try to move injured passengers unless it is an emergency.

Move to a Safe Location

If your car can move and you are able to, move it to a safe location, preferably off the road. Getting your vehicle to a safe location reduces the chances of another accident. If your vehicle is inoperable, turn on your hazards to alert other motorists of the dangerous situation.

Call 911

Call 911 and notify the police and emergency responders of your accident. Under Kentucky law, you are required to call the police after an accident if there is an injury, death, or property damage worth at least $500. Otherwise, you must file a collision report with the state police within ten days of the accident. While this is a requirement during all seasons, it is especially crucial to notify the police of an accident during winter, when road safety may be compromised due to harsh weather conditions. Additionally, calling 911 after a winter crash is vital for insurance or legal claims. The police report can serve as vital evidence in your case.

Document the Scene

Documenting the accident scene is crucial to ensuring you recover fair compensation in any insurance or legal claim you file afterwards. If your condition allows you, take pictures of the accident scene, including photos of the damage to the vehicles involved, physical injuries, road conditions, and weather conditions. These pictures can be valuable evidence in your insurance or legal claim. Also, write down the names and contact information of any witnesses.

Exchange Information

Exchange contact and insurance information with the other driver(s) involved in the accident. When exchanging information, avoid discussing details of the accident or fault. Otherwise, you might complicate legal proceedings. You should also collect contact information from passengers.

Seek Medical Attention

If you suffered injuries in the crash, allow the emergency responders to examine you and take you to the hospital, if necessary. If, for whatever reason, you don’t receive medical attention at the accident scene, see a doctor as soon as possible after leaving the scene. This is vital for your health and any insurance or legal claim you file afterwards.

Consult a London and Southeast Auto Accident Lawyer

Another crucial step to take after a Kentucky winter crash is to consult a qualified auto accident attorney. A skilled lawyer can assess your case and determine if you have a valid compensation claim. An attorney can help you file your claim. To get legal help, contact our London and Southeast Kentucky auto accident attorneys at Cessna & George Law Firm.



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