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London Personal Injury Attorneys > Blog > Workers Compensation > Evidence You Can Use In Your Kentucky Workers’ Compensation Claim

Evidence You Can Use In Your Kentucky Workers’ Compensation Claim


If you suffered a work-related injury in Kentucky, you might be eligible to recover workers’ compensation benefits. However, to recover benefits, you must prove your case. When it comes to workers’ compensation claims, you don’t have to prove negligence on the part of your employer. Instead, you generally need to prove that you suffered a work-related injury because of your work.

To prove your Kentucky workers’ compensation claim, you need to gather as much evidence as possible. The following are some of the pieces of evidence that can help you with your Kentucky workers’ compensation claim;

Your Personal Account

One of the crucial pieces of evidence you can use in your workers’ compensation claim is your personal account of what happened. This account is necessary for understanding the events that led to your injury. Your personal account is also an essential part of understanding your injury’s effects on your life.

In your written statement, you can include, among other things, the following;

  • The equipment you worked with (if applicable)
  • The incident that led to you sustaining your injury
  • What you were doing when the incident occurred and how what you were doing is related to your job
  • The pain you experienced after your injury occurred

Witness Accounts From Co-workers

Statements from co-workers can corroborate your account and help provide insight into, among other things, the working conditions that workers in your workplace are exposed to. Therefore, if you suffered a work-related injury, you need to identify co-workers who were present when the incident that led to your injury happened and see if they can write down what they witnessed.

Accident Report

In Kentucky, it is advisable for an employee to contact their supervisor not more than 24 hours after an accident happens that results in an injury. You are also required to complete a “First Report of Injury” form after suffering a work-related injury in Kentucky. An accident report can help you show, among other things, if any safeguards were required, provided, and used at the time of the incident.

Medical Evidence

Your medical records can greatly impact your workers’ compensation claim. These records can help you prove your injuries. They can also help you establish a link to an accident or conditions at work.

Expert Testimony

Expert testimony can be crucial to a workers’ compensation claim. Some of the expert witnesses that could be helpful in your case include medical experts and economic experts. A medical expert can help explain how your injury came to be and prove the extent of your injuries. An economic expert could help value your future lost earnings if you sustained a permanent disability or must start a new job where you will be earning less.

Photos and Videos

Photos and videos of the accident scene, your injuries, damage to your clothes, and any equipment involved can be helpful in your Kentucky workers’ compensation claim. This is why it is advisable to take such pictures soon after an accident occurs, even if it means asking someone to help.

Contact a London Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you have suffered a work-related injury in Kentucky and need help with the workers’ compensation process, contact a skilled London workers’ compensation attorney at Cessna & George Law Firm to schedule a free consultation.



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